Data set

Official information on J-OFURO3 data set

This page describes the instructions to download J-OFURO3 data set.


All publicly available data sets can be downloaded from the official J-OFURO website (here).
For the purpose of your scientific research, you can download our data set and use it freely.
For the other purposes including business, please contact us before using our data from this form.


Data files provided by J-OFURO3 are grouped by variable name (VAR), temporal resolution (TR), spatial resolution code (SR), dataset version code (VER), and year (YYYY). Data files are named under the following rules.

VAR: variable name
VER: version code(ex. Vm.n)
TR: temporal resolution(DAILY / MONTHLY / CLM)
SR: spatial grid(HR: 0.25 degree grid or LR: 1.0 degree grid)
YYYY: four-digit year(e.g., 2013 )

Data file format is a self-descriptive netCDF. File extension is ”.nc”.
You can use the netCDF files by an analysis software (e.g., GrADS; Ferret)


Dataset may be updated irregularly for reasons such as bug fixes. Every file released will have a version code (VER) attached, which manages the variation of the data provided. Data download site will always have the latest version of data available, and older versions will not be available unless there is a specific reason to do so. The latest dataset at the time of this writing is V1.0.

Please pay attention to the version of the dataset if you use our data files.


The data files for DAILY, HR: approximately 1.5GB/year(compressed file 750MB/year)


There is a ftp site for downloading of J-OFURO3 data set.

You can access our ftp site from following "DOWNLOAD (FTP)" button using a web browser.
* if you are using Safari on macOS, please chose "Guest" as a user type.

You can also access our ftp site using command line tools and any other ftp client tools.



If you are using J-OFURO3 dataset for your research, please cite Tomita et al. 2018.

An introduction to J-OFURO3, a third-generation Japanese ocean flux data set using remote-sensing observations
Authors: Hiroyuki Tomita, Tsutomu Hihara, Shin’ichiro Kako, Masahisa Kubota, Kunio Kutsuwada
Journal: Journal of Oceanography (2019) 75:171-194

In case the findings are published in a peer-reviewed journal, we ask that you report us via this form and notify us of the news. Publication details we received will be listed on the J-OFURO website.


If you are using or considering using the J-OFURO3 dataset, contact us using this form for any questions regarding the data. Please let us know if you find any problems and issues over the use of the dataset, or have comments you would like to share with us. Information and opinions we receive will be utilized for future versions of the dataset.