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Official information on J-OFURO3 data set

J-OFURO3 is a satellite-derived dataset of surface flux between the atmosphere and the ocean, and physical parameters related to the flux. This is the third generation dataset for J-OFURO project with many improvements from previous versions. J-OFURO3 is characterized by the use of multi-satellite data for the estimation of various parameters, and provides a dataset on surface flux over the oceans except for sea ice areas, along with relevant physical parameters including sea surface temperature, surface wind speed, and surface air specific humidity, as daily mean values in 0.25 degree grids.

The table summarizes the comparison of major features of the current dataset against past datasets.
For further detailed information will be available in the "Document on details of J-OFURO3 data set".

Table. Overview across J-OFURO data sets including J-OFURO3

Temporal averagemonthlydailydaily
Spatial grid size1.0deg.1.0deg.*0.25deg.
SSTReynolds SSTMGDSSTEnsemble median<br> of various products
HumiditySchlussel et al. 1995<br>SSMISchlussel et al. 1995<br> SSMIsNew algorithm<br>SSMIs, SSMIS,<br> AMSR-E, TMI, AMSR2
WindSSMISSMIs, <br>AMSR-E, TMI<br> ERS-1/2, QuikSCAT SSMIs, SSMISs,<br>AMSR-E, AMSR2,<br> TMI, WindSat,<br>ERS-1/2, QuikSCAT, <br>ASCAT-A/B, OSCAT

* High-resolution data sets of turbulent heat fluxes are available for only 2002-2008.